For you…

Forethought & Magic – June 2012

Mostly magic, peppered with a plan.

Vaya Go Big – June 2012

The best way to close an epic chapter? One last “Very Good Beats” session at my home in Oakland, The Muse.

Galactic Earthling – July 2012

I took a journey, visited some friends.

Galactic Earthling, Vol 2 – July 2012

Another journey, a different path.

Iced Coffee for Here – August 2012

Recorded this while waiting on a friend, sipping on an iced coffee in NYC.

Dragons in The Bishop’s Cookie Jar – Oct 2012

Recorded live at my lair in the country. Dedicated to Brother Bishop Sharu. Inspired by Ecstatic Dance NYC and Ecstatic Dance OAK.

Love Notes – Feb 2013

A Valentine.

Vesper Gone Bananas – Jan 2014

Deep, Dark and Dangerous

Familiar Medicine – Feb 2014

A mellower mix of some of my favorite songs.